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Taking Back Control of Your Life!

It all begins with you. We are here to guide you, foster emotional growth and provide you with a better, more effective set of tools for coping with the ups and downs of your own life.

Whether you have been mandated by your employer, school or court system to enroll in an anger management program, or you are seeking help because you are uncertain and fearful about the direction in which you are headed, Teleios welcomes you to participate in our comprehensive anger management course. You have the capacity to turn your anger into something far more productive, something that will help you live a much happier life.

We can work together to bring you back and to put things into much more meaningful focus!

Anger Management Course: Showing People a Better Way to Cope

Often it feels as though things spin out of control. Whether work issues, family problems, even just the small stumbling blocks that clutter our paths daily--contending with life’s difficulties can certainly take its toll.

And for some, their reactions are based upon the compulsions of anger and rage. Lashing out seems the only logical answer. The problem however, is what happens when the rage subsides and the collateral damage caused is all that remains…

Teleios offer Anger Management Workshops designed to offer you a better way to manage and control those emotions that might otherwise seem uncontrollable. We want to give you the help, insights and the clarity you need to make smarter choices and healthier life decision.


What the Course Involves:

  • Weekly sessions (8 total)  - 2 hours long (including breaks)

  • Classes conducted in educational workshop format designed to encourage participation

  • Skills for more effectively managing the chaos of anger

  • Casual and relaxed environment—you can reveal as much or as little as you want

  • Exploration of cognitive behavioral techniques

What We Will Achieve:

  • Discover better methods of problem solving

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Realizations regarding the power of empathy

  • Comprehensive conflict resolution strategies

This 8 session weekly workshop is $500.00 (all sessions prepaid). You will receive a certificate of completion up attending and participating in all eight sessions.

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