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Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy (CBPT) is a structured, goal-oriented therapy used with children and adolescents to encourage growth, development and awareness in all aspects of life. This therapeutic approach involves a wide array of techniques--from engaging in positive play exercises, to role playing and modeling, to placing strong emphasis on the child’s feelings, emotions, fantasies and experiences.


The goal is to help with social skills and also, largely with self-perception in terms of a child’s ability to relate to others. Jacqueline works with children using CBPT to help them feel more confident and better prepared to deal with the daily challenges of life as well as enabling them to more effectively manage their own feelings.


CBT embraces a vast range of techniques, borrowing from behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy and integrating play concepts in order to help the child improve communication and relationship skills. The child is fully involved in his/her own development and growth when it comes to CBPT.


In using techniques of CBPT, Jacqueline strives to:

  • Help children set specific, actionable goals

  • Emphasize the importance of creating achievable goals

  • Enable them to focus on challenges and issues that they face today

  • Help them better understand their behaviors and consequently how to manage them

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