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These are comprised of one-on-one sessions with specific treatment approaches based on the client’s needs and issues, including stress management, anxiety, life transitions (death, birth, job change, marriage, divorce, moving, etc.), depression, trauma, grief, and anger management.


Teleios’ mission is to help you move forward. So many find that they feel “stuck”; whatever hurdle, whatever challenge they are facing, it leaves them feeling lethargic and zapped of passion, energy and hope.  Our approach is based upon exploring, in a nurturing and gentle way, how to take that next step, how to break the cycle of hardship and reemerge stronger and healthier than before.


We consult with children, families, adults, married couples, essentially anyone who wants help and feels that therapy is the logical answer.  Sessions are geared around you—what you need, how you feel and what you’re comfortable with.

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Play therapy is based upon developmentally appropriate treatment techniques to address a wide range of issues including poor academic performance, behavior problems, anxiety, family stress, trauma, loss of parent/caregiver or home, inadequate peer skills, anger management, and grief.

The key to working with children is relating to them on multiple levels, especially ones most accessible to them. Jacqueline’s discovered that play therapy in conjunction with other techniques and approaches related to child counseling, is an excellent way to engage and help build the child’s confidence, awareness and enhance their ability to communicate.

The setting as always is nurturing and in no way intimidating. The objective is to make it as comfortable, friendly and as warm as possible for your child.


Perhaps one of the most challenging times in a person’s life--childhood to adulthood--is in fact adolescence. The mind is constantly being flooded with images, ideas, pressure from friends, parents, school, social media, that it becomes easy for a young person to get mired down in self-enclosing thoughts.
The temptation to turn to drugs or alcohol thus becomes very real, and very scary. Teleios wants to help your teen feel stronger, more empowered and more in control of their life, aside from the pressures and typical inclinations of adolescence.
Whether they’re feeling anxious, depressed, scared or alone, we will work with them in either individual or family sessions to explore what it is that inspires these feelings and how they can better learn to cope.  We are focused on engaging with teens as they learn to navigate this trying time and ultimately, with the help of their families, thrive!

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These consist of in-person meetings with one or more family members to address child-related concerns.  Counseling may include behavior management planning, problem-solving and resource identification, parenting skill development, and education about children and adolescents’ developmental needs, as well as general support and tips on managing stress.

Family counseling is very much at the core of what Teleios does. Exploring the family dynamic, looking at the bonds that create the family unit and understanding how, together, we can help make those bonds stronger and healthier is an extremely important part of the family counseling experience. 

Some of the best results come from sharing the journey of therapy with those closest to you; this is why Teleios’ family counseling services have proven beneficial in so many ways.


Understanding how to talk to your children, how to truly communicate is sometimes a skill we could all use some help with. Teleios’ parenting coaching is designed to give you the tools you need to create a stronger and more effective bond with your child.
It’s about giving you the support, encouragement and confidence to become the parent you always knew you could be. From practical advice, to more nuanced therapeutic approaches, Jacqueline’s goal is to help you feel better when it comes to your parenting decisions and to enable you to develop a more holistic approach in terms of coping with difficulty and those tenser situations.
Being open to new ideas and relationship-building solutions is essential. We want to get you to that place where parenting is rewarding and fun, where your parenting style is truly inspired by your love and commitment to your children.

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Anger is a very natural reaction. Things upset us, we respond. It is when this anger begins to dominate and control the course and tenor of our life, that it becomes a significant problem. Very often, the extreme manifestation of anger can be a symptom of something deeper and perhaps more troubling.
We will work with you to uncover those emotions or experiences, which could be fueling your angry outbursts. The purpose of anger management classes is to help you recognize exactly what is involved with this emotion and, not only learn how to control it, but learn how to become healthier because of it.
If you believe that anger is a genuine issue for you, that others are fearful of your level of anger, that your children shy from you because of it, that your health is compromised as a result of such intensity, then perhaps Teleios’ anger management class is the best possible place for you to start getting better!


This innovative approach can be very effective with adolescents and adults who prefer to talk with a therapist from the comfort of their own home or office. Through the website and the use of webcams, Jacqueline is able to assess and treat a range of client problems. Necessary paperwork is completed in person; thereafter, the therapy session is scheduled and conducted at convenient times, all by sitting at one’s computer! 

Our belief is that live video psychotherapy provides a sense of safety and security for clients who may feel shy or fearful about going to a therapist’s office. Some adolescents especially are hesitant or perhaps feel that there is a stigma attached to going to see a therapist; video psychotherapy can be a great alternative. Because of their comfort level and familiarity with technology, video psychotherapy can actually be more effective than face-to-face therapy for adolescents who use wireless devices regularly to communicate with friends and others.


Video psychotherapy can also be a more efficient option for people who live at a distance from the office or have busy schedules. Parents may find that they can use their lunch hour, for example, to schedule a session in order to talk about child problems or parenting issues.  Similarly, an adult may not have the time to travel across town to attend an in-person session, but really wants help with personal issues.  Video psychotherapy is the answer!

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