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~ From Childhood, to Parenthood and Everything in Between ~

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Robert is a Licensed Master Social Worker who earned his MSW degree
from Rutgers University after a change from Engineering to Psychology
during his undergraduate years at The College of New Jersey. Having
had prior experience facilitating therapeutic groups, Robert is able
to identify relational strands to enlighten and aid individuals in
accomplishing their goals while navigating social, familial, and
employment-related stressors.

Robert focuses on his client's environment and the world in which they
live, how they experience it, and the uniqueness of each person and
their situation. Robert is naturally inclined to apply CBT and
psychodynamic-based approaches in his general practice and has valued
experience relating to the management of depression, anxiety, and
grief/loss. His technique is relaxed but thoughtful, employing an
equal balance of introspective questioning and psychoeducation to
ensure that his clients are at ease and able to safely focus on


Robert also is also a Certified Trauma Professional, having a
thorough understanding of the psychophysiological responses of
traumatic events and how these are carried with us throughout our life

In his work, Robert ensures that his clients are the ones who choose
the path they both venture down while he functions in a supportive
role, aiding in expanding each person’s perspectives and perceptions
and honing in on their already-existing strengths.

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