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Parent Coaching

Changing the Dynamic of Relationships Through Conscious Discipline

No one is simply handed a parenting manual when the time comes. We aren’t necessarily aware of the hurdles we will face, the difficulties we might encounter, and the problems that can come. It’s okay to ask for help; in fact, those who do reach out, often find that they are stronger and more effective parents because of it.

Have you really looked at your relationship with your child(ren) and wondered if there was a more productive way of engaging them? Teleios works with parents, teaching them the skills and the techniques they need to build a culture of conscious discipline within the home.

It is not about changing who you are, it’s about reexamining the way you interact with your children and making those interactions far more meaningful. Our Parenting Coaching Program is based upon the concept that you and your children can create the relationship you want--a better, healthier and more synergistic relationship together!

What Does Conscious Discipline Involve:

  • Offering encouragement in place of criticism

  • Helping your child understand and identify choices

  • Showing you how to establish meaningful boundaries and limits

  • Teaching your children the type of behavior you expect and that will be most beneficial to them

Who We Work With:

  • Parents who feel “exhausted and overwhelmed”

  • Parents who’ve experienced difficult life circumstances to include rehabilitation

  • Those dealing with the emotional and psychological issues associated with teenagers

  • Parents who are looking to move forward in their relationship with their child(ren)

Because Parenting Doesn’t Have to Feel So Hard

It is never too later to create a better relationship with your child. Even if you’ve encountered difficult life circumstances, you can still be there for your kids, you can develop a bond that is perhaps even stronger than you ever imagined it could be.

Conscious Discipline encourages you to make changes in your life and thus impact the life of your child. The Teleios program is designed to help you do just this. And by looking at ways to encourage the development of discipline within your child, rather than ascribing discipline to them, you really do alter the dynamic of your family for the better.

Parenting Coaching sessions are prepaid. Together we can find a more efficient way to resolve conflicts, boost everyone’s self-esteem and ultimately create a more loving and caring family environment.

This 10 session weekly workshop is $650.00 (all sessions prepaid). You will receive a certificate of completion upon attending and participating in all sessions.

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