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~ From Childhood, to Parenthood and Everything in Between ~




Lorraine earned her social work degree from Stony Brook University School of Social Welfare and has practiced in both non-profit and government settings in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and New York City.

Lorraine believes that therapy at its essence is a healing art and that healing is always possible.   She has worked with clients with deep trauma pasts and has seen the power of therapy to restore hope and create pathways to full and happy lives.  

Highly individualized treatment and creative solutions are the hallmark of Lorraine’s approach to therapy.  Each client is a unique person living in an equally unique world.  Clients immediately feel the deep interest that Lorraine has in learning about them and the respect she holds for their point of view.  She believes that her clients are the heroes of their own stories and works to help them identify and embrace their highest selves.  The therapy space that Lorraine offers is safe and nurturing. It is a space where clients are able to have honest and meaningful exchanges with someone they know genuinely likes, cares for, and believes in them. 

Lorraine enjoys helping couples, families and individuals.  She has worked extensively with children and has experience with the challenges of divorce and blended families.  While the foundation of her work is grounded in CBT, she is eager to bring in modalities that complement the needs of her clients as they arise.  She is able to assist with anxiety, mood stabilizing and depression using mindfulness techniques and meditation practices.  If your interest in therapy is more life directional, Lorraine is an enthusiastic life coach.  Lorraine looks forward to meeting you and will consider it an honor and a privilege to be invited into your life at this time. 

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